The rules below are our most basic rules that are in place for every chat room on our site. We are trying our best to keep our rules very minimal, but its hard to do that when people are breaking more and more common sense rules. Remember if you break any of the rules below you will be punished for it. Our mods have the right to punish all users as they see fit. If someone bans you or kicks you out, you may NOT go to another staff member to get it removed. Myself included (SHINER) will not remove any staff members ban or kick. Everyone that has been punished must contact that staff member in order to get it removed. The only time we will ever remove your ban, is when we have our month ban clean up. We think everyone deserves a chance no matter what. If for some reason you keep doing the same thing you was removed out of the chat room for doing in the first place we will place you on a server wide ban. Meaning you will be ban forever. Even if we cleaned the ban list from the chat.